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A pack designed to highlight a whole new series of incredible mods for Minecraft.

FTB Horizons Download

Download the Feed the Beast launcher required to play FTB Horizons. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux! Just click the appropriate download link below:

FTB Horizons download FTB Horizons server download

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FTB Horizons Installation Guide

The Feed the Beast Launcher requires Java!

If you do not already have Java installed please make sure to go download the latest version from Oracle. You can get the Java JRE by clicking here.

From the drop-down menu you can now also choose to play Vanilla Minecraft and countless other amazing mod packs.

That's it! You have successfully installed FTB Horizons and can now launch it.

Mod list 62 total

Advanced Genetics - ObisiLP
Agriculture - Freya and Team Metallurgy
Applied Energistics - AlgorithmX2
Aquaculture - Freya and Team Metallurgy
Arcane Scrolls - Duke605
Archimedes Ships - BalkondeurAlpha
Armor Status - bspkrs
Ars Magica 2 - Mithion
Artifice - Shukaro
Alternate Terrain Generation - TTFTCUTS
Backpacks - Eydamos
Better Chests - Aroma1997
Better Storage - Copygirl
Biomes'O'Plenty - Forstride and the BoP Team
Blood Magic - WayofTime
Chicken Chunks - ChickenBones
Damage Indicators - bspkrs
Dynamic Liquid Tanks - WingsofLife
Ender IO - CrazyPants
Engineers Toolbox - Emasher
Enhanced Portals - Alz454

Extra Tinkers Construct - Glassmaker
Farlanders - Fabiulu
Flatsigns - Myrathi
Ganys End, Nether and Surface - Ganymedes01
Gascraft - Emasher
Hopper Ducts Mod - FyberOptic
InfiniBows - Myrathi
Inventory Tweaks - Kobata
JABBA - ProfMobius
Magical Crops - Mark719
Metallurgy - Team Metallurgy
Mystcraft - Xcompwiz
Not Enough Items - ChickenBones
Obsidiplates - Myrathi
Opis - ProfMobius
Pam's Harvestcraft - MatrexsVigil
Project:Red - Mr_TJP
Random Things - lumien
ReactorCraft - Reika
RemoteIO - dmillerw
Revamp - Rivvest

Roguelike Dungeon Mod - Greymerk
RotaryCraft - Reika
StatusEffectHUD - bspkrs
Switches - Myrathi
Thaumcraft 4 - Azanor
Thermal Expansion - KingLemming, Zeldo , Cynycal
Tinker's Construct - mDiyo
Torch Levers - HitchH1k3r
Translocators - Chickenbones
Utility Mobs - FatherToast
Waila - ProfMobius
Witchery - Emoniph
WRCBE - Chickenbones
XACT:Advanced Crafting Tables- Xhamolk
SortFix - LexManos
Tmechworks - TiCo Team
Evoc - ProfMobius
REI Minimap - ReiFNSK
Zan's Minimap - MamiyaOtaru
Journey Map -techbrew

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