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Want to create massive factories or giant power plants? No time for wands and wizardry? This mod pack is for you. All tech no magic. Tech World 2 is a technology-oriented version of the FTB pack.

Tech World 2 Download

Download the Feed the Beast launcher required to play Tech World 2. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux! Just click the appropriate download link below:

Tech World 2 download Tech World 2 server download

Like Tech World 2? Play the GigaTech mod pack. Construct factories, work magic, go to space. So much to do along with classic mods like Industrial Craft 3, Buildcraft 3, Thaumcraft and much more!

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Tech World 2 Installation Guide

The Feed the Beast Launcher requires Java!

If you do not already have Java installed please make sure to go download the latest version from Oracle. You can get the Java JRE by clicking here.

From the drop-down menu you can now also choose to play Vanilla Minecraft and countless other amazing mod packs.

That's it! You have successfully installed Tech World 2 and can now launch it.

Mod list 39 total

Forge - LexManos and the Forge Team
Applied Energistics - AlgorithX2
Alternate Terrain Generation - TTFTCUTS
Biomes O Plenty - Forstride and the BoP Team
Backpacks -Eydamos
Bibliocraft - Nuchaz
Big Reactors - ErogenousBeef
Buildcraft - Space Toad, Sir Sengir and Covert Jaguar
Chicken Chunks, Code Chicken Core, NEI, WR-CBE and ForgeMulitpart - Chicken Bones
Compact Windmills - Aroma1997
Compact Solars - Cpw
Computercraft - Dan200 and Cloudhunter
Engineers Toolbox , Gascraft and Emasher Core - Emasher

Extra Utilities - RWTema
Factorization - Neptunepink
GateCopy Denlib and DenPipes - DenofLions
Hopperducts - FyberOptic
IC2 - Alblaka, Player and the IC2 team
JABBA , WAILA, OPIS,EVOC, and Mobius Core - ProfMobius
MineFactoryReloaded and PowerCrystals Core - Powercrystals and Skyboy
Mystcraft - Xcompwiz
Portal GUn and IchunUtil - Ichun
Railcraft - CovertJaguar
ReactorCraft, RoataryCraft and DragonAPI - Reika
RemoteIO - dmillerw
Steve's Carts - VSWE

Switches and ObsidiPlates - Myrathi
ThermalExpansion and CoFH Core - KingLemming, Zeldo and Cynycal
Tinker's Construct - mDiyo and the TiCo Team
XACT:Advanced Crafting Tables - Xhamolk
OpenPeripherals and OpenBlocks - OpenMods Team
InventoryTweaks - Kobata
NEI Addons - bdew
NEI Plugins - mistaqur
SortFix - LexManos
Status Effect Hud, bspkr's core and Armor Status Hud - bspkr
REI Minimap - ReiFNSK
Zan's Minimap - MamiyaOtaru
Journey Map -techbrew

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