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Attack of the B-Team is another modpack designed by the Technic team, the same guys renowned as the creators of Tekkit and Hexxit.

It was designed with crazy science at its core. If you think its just another new updated version of Tekkit - you're wrong.

This is not the Minecraft you are used to. As soon as you enter the new game world you may be faced with strange looking trees, zombies with fancy hats and you'll find yourself able to morph into any mob that you kill.

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Attack of the B-Team Download

Download the Technic launcher required to play Attack of the B-Team. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux! Just click the appropriate download link below:

Download Technic Launcher for Windows Download Technic Launcher for Mac Download Technic Launcher for Linux

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Attack of the B-Team Installation Guide

The Technic Launcher requires Java!

If you do not already have Java installed please make sure to go download the latest version from Oracle. You can get the Java JRE by clicking here.

From the drop-down menu you can now also choose to play Vanilla Minecraft and countless other amazing mod packs.

That's it! You have successfully installed Attack of the B-Team and can now launch it.

Attack of the B-Team Review

In the short time of playing Attack of the B-Team, I have only seen the the surface of what the mod pack offers. The new possibilities that the new mods bring into Minecraft are astonishing.

Sometimes, you may even find yourself overwhelmed with what to do next. An example of a mod in Attack of the B-Team that does this is Tinker's Construct. Expanding behind just the pickaxe, shovel and axe, you can now make dozens of new useful tools and weapons, each with their own unique abilities. While its core principles are simple, the sheer depth of it is astonishing.

Other important mods included in Attack of the B-Team include Archimedes Ships, Advanced Genetics and Open Blocks.

If you have grown tired of vanilla Minecraft or even Tekkit and Hexxit, Attack of the B-Team may be able to bring that fresh vibe of Minecraft back to you. All in all it is a solid mod pack, with the latest and best mods that Minecraft's modding community has to offer. Nonetheless, it is not the huge revolutionary mod pack that it was hyped up to be, previous to its launch.

What I must commend to the Technic team though is their decision to offer early access to those who pay $5. Now that may sound fishy at first, but you'll be pleased to know that all of the money went to Child's Play - $22,536 to be exact. This is both an amazing achievement for Technic, but also highlights the generosity of the Minecraft community, which continues to grow strong even after 1 year after Minecraft's "full release".


Mod list 40 total

Advanced Genetics by ObsiLP
Archimedes Ships by Balkondeur Alpha
Artifice by Shukaro
Biomes o' Plenty by TDWP_FTW
Carpenter's Blocks by Mineshopper
Chisel by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, Darwin by Manchou
Dragon Mounts by BarracudaATA
Enhanced Portals 2 by Alz454
Flan's Mod w/ Parts Pack/Modern Warfare/Titan Pack by jamioflan
Food Plus by JoseTheCrafter
Fossils and Archaeology: Re-Ported by Team July/Ported by CannibalVox
Galacticraft by Micdoodle8
Hamsterrific by Razzleberry Fox
Hamsters Forever by CannibalVox

Hats by iChun, Liquid XP by immibis
Map Writer by Davey Liam
Minecraft Minions by AtomicStryker
Minefactory Reloaded by skyboy
Morph by iChun
Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod by Mr. Crayfish
Natura by mDiyo
Not Enough Items by Chicken Bones
NEI Plugins by Mistaqur
Open Blocks by Mikeemoo
Project Red: by Mr. TJP and Chicken Bones
qCraft by Dan200
Random Things by lumien
Saintspack (Dubstep Gun) by Thieves

Secret Rooms by AbrarSyed
Sync by iChun
The Necromancy Mod by sirolf2009/Ported by CannibalVox
Thermal Expansion by King Lemming
Tinkers Construct by mDiyo
Trailmix by iChun
Tropicraft by The Tropicraft Team
Waila by Prof Mobius
Witchery by Emoniph
World of Dinos by CannibalVox

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